About Us

General Sportwear Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of private brand woven bottoms. With over eighty years of experience in the apparel industry, we attribute our success to a continued strong focus and commitment to price, quality, delivery, and service.


By owning two production facilities in Central America as well as two distribution centers in the United States, we are able to reduce excess costs throughout the entire supply chain. By passing these savings on to our customers, we are able to offer competitive pricing.


Our quality program encompasses construction, fit, wash, and appearance. However, our attention to quality goes beyond the actual production of the garment. We believe that the presentation of the garment is just as important to its sales as the actual quality of the garment. Having worked with all the major retailers, we understand how a garment should be presented in the stores to maximize sales.


Our company takes great pride in our excellent history of on time delivery. Our philosophy is not accept an order if we cannot deliver it on time.


What separates us from other woven bottoms makers throughout the world is our ability to service the retailer on replenishment programs. We analyze weekly sales at store and sku level in order to identify all trends.  Once identified, due to the proximity of our Central America factories, we are able to quickly adjust our production so our inventories are always in line with current sales. By doing so, we are able to fill over 97% of our customers orders, thereby ensuring that the stores are always stocked with the right product and sizes throughout the season. General also owns two distribution centers in North Carolina, which can pick and pack EDI replenishment orders with 99.9% accuracy.


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