While General sources product all over the world, the majority of our production is made in our two company owned and operated offshore facilities in Central America.  Fivaro, a 70,000 square foot laundry and value added dry finishing plant, is located in Bufalo, Honduras.  Fivaro employs over 400 people and is WRAP certified.


Washing Capacity
Fivaro's modern laundry includes eight 400 lb. Braun programmable washer/extractors and five 400 lb. Challenge Pace Setter driers, and a waste water pre-treatment plant. Washes include Tinting, Stone Wash, and Enzyme wash. Fivaro’s washing capacity is 180,000 units per week.


State of the Art Dry Finishing Process
Fivaro's Sandblasting (hand and spray), Whiskering, Grinding, Nicking, and Tacking operations enable us to offer our customers the latest dry processing finishes.


Finishing Capacity
Fivaro’s finishing unit is complete with vertical steam pressers, hand pressing, heat seal machines, polybag sealing machines, and flashing machines. Fivaro’s finishing capacity is 180,000 units per week. Every garment is passed through a needle detector before entering our secure packing department. Every garment is RF scan packed into the cartons to ensure 99.9% pack accuracy.

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