Social Responsibility

At General Sportwear, we are committed to protecting and conserving the environment through long-term sustainable solutions. This is accomplished through large scale initiatives as well as everyday practices.

    Examples of our large-scale initiatives include:

*    We installed a chilling system in our factory in Nicaragua in order to reduce electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

*    We have a waste water treatment plant in Honduras, which cleans the water from our laundry so it can be safely returned to the environment.

*    We installed LED lighitning througout our factory in Nicaragua, which will reduced our electrical usage by 300,000 KW per year.

    Examples of our everyday practices include:

*    We recycle most of our raw materials including fabric scraps, brass, batteries, cardboard, metal, bottles, cans, and computers.

*    We purchase recycled hangers. 


Sincotex Cares is a foreign charitable foundation established in 2008 in order to give back to the local community of Tipitapa, Nicaragua. Every year, the foundation chooses one project with the goal of making a significant and tangible difference in a short period of time. Sincotex Cares oversees the project from start to finish in order to guarantee that 100% of the donations are used solely for the project.

Please click on the link below for additional information about Sincotex Cares:

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